Monday, February 1, 2010

Myths Of Itchy Nose Itchy Palms, What Is The Myth Behind That? And What Are The Other Itchy Myths To Follow?

Itchy palms, what is the myth behind that? And what are the other itchy myths to follow? - myths of itchy nose

Itchy palms? Itchy nose? or ears ringing? and so on.
What does it mean when your left ear rings? What does it mean if it sounds the right ear?

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  1. : Itchy nose means you have a fight lol
    My father always told me that if his trip ovr cat / dog, who soon marry (but not travel to it on purpose!)
    oh and heres a ton more:
    Take a spoon on the ground means money luck;
    Pull a knife on the floor, it means bad luck;
    Take a fork on the floor: an argument;
    Sugar Shed is money;
    A towel on the floor means that visitors;
    Comb the hair in the mirror after 1 clock in the morning it is to invite bad luck;
    Never put new shoes on a table on a Friday;
    If you squeeze a drop onto the floor and pick up the wood and make a wish;
    Do not remove the soles of their shoes to face upward when the bad luck;
    You should see a piece of cake of marriage, or eat your marriage will be the end of the year;
    Put six in the old shoe in full on his wedding day, you have a good marriage and fortune;
    Let's never leave someone with blond hair in his new year should always be a person with black hair;
    When moving into a new house and salt, a new broom with you good luck and fights evil spirits;
    Do not cut or choose your toenails or Friday or Sunday;
    A kiss means, itchy nose, cross or angry kiss on the tip of his middle finger on his right side and the right cheek, which is you do to prevent or transferred;
    If you take a white feather, make a wish and blow back into the sky;
    Being out and make a wish for the new moon;
    Giving the mother of a newborn child a silver coin for good luck and cherry blossoms last set ever at home during the month of May